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Enchanted Evening Under the Stars

Once Niki from Ember and Stone Events shared with us her vision for this Wedding we couldn’t wait for the chance to see it Come to Life!

On the day of the event, we began by setting up two long rows of White Cabanas, next came the Crystal Chandeliers, the Luxury Voile Draping, and the placement of Thousands of Glittering Twinkle Lights overhead! The charming tables were adorned with our Ariana Black Goblets, our Copper Eclipse Chargers and Rose Velvet Napkins.

Featured Products

Ariana Black Goblet - 16 oz
Ariana Black Goblet - 16 oz$1.75
Cabana - White
Cabana - White$220.00$410.00
Capri Brushed Copper
Capri Brushed Copper$0.95
Chandelier - Crystal 28"
Chandelier - Crystal 28"$125.00
Chiavari Chair - Black
Chiavari Chair - Black$7.50$8.50
Copper Eclipse Charger
Copper Eclipse Charger$4.75
Heirloom Charcoal
Heirloom Charcoal$0.95$4.75
Rose Velvet
Rose Velvet$1.75$64.75
Schott Zwiesel "Pure" - Goblet 15 oz
Schott Zwiesel "Pure" - Goblet 15 oz$1.50
White Dupioni
White Dupioni$0.75$28.75
White Voile Runner
White Voile Runner$15.75