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Explore our impressive Decor collection at RSVP Party Rentals, Las Vegas, where we combine style, functionality, and a touch of whimsy to transform your event space. From small accents to grand focal points, our range encompasses a multitude of aesthetics to perfectly align with your vision. Whether you’re aiming for an understated elegance or a vibrant and energetic atmosphere, our selection offers limitless possibilities for your event design.


Elevate your tablescape with our eclectic Tabletop Decor collection. From centerpieces that command attention to subtle details that tie everything together, each piece is carefully selected for its aesthetic appeal and versatility.
( 34 )

Marquee Letters

Make a striking statement with our Marquee Letters, a fantastic way to add a personalized, illuminated touch to your event. These large, light-up letters bring a dramatic and playful element to any space.
( 3 )

Structural Decor

Our Structural Decor items provide impactful design elements that can alter the ambiance of your event. These pieces add depth and structure, serving as focal points or conversation starters.
( 20 )

Miscellaneous Decor

Our Miscellaneous Decor range embraces an assortment of unique pieces that allow you to infuse your event with personality and charm. From unconventional to classic, we cater to all tastes and themes.
( 32 )


Our plush Pillows collection offers a simple yet effective way to inject color, texture, and comfort into your event setting. Perfect for softening seating areas or adding an extra layer of decor.
( 39 )


Our Rugs collection adds warmth and character to any event space. From bold patterns to subtle hues, our rugs can anchor your event decor or serve as stand-out pieces on their own.
( 20 )