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Food Equipment

No event in Las Vegas is complete without a memorable culinary experience. At RSVP Party Rentals, our collection of Food Equipment has everything you need to create, display, and serve your menu with ease and sophistication. Whether you’re planning a gourmet banquet or a casual BBQ, our high-quality equipment ensures your food service goes off without a hitch. Make your event a feast for the senses with our versatile Food Equipment range.

Fun Food

Inject a dose of fun and nostalgia into your event with our Fun Food equipment. At RSVP Party Rentals, we believe food should be more than just delicious—it should also be entertaining! From whimsical treats to classic snacks, our equipment allows you to bring your guests a delightful and memorable food experience.
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Chafers & Buffet Items

Presentation is as crucial as preparation when it comes to food at your event. RSVP Party Rentals' selection of Chafers & Buffet Items ensures your dishes are not only kept at the ideal serving temperature but also displayed appealingly. Elevate your buffet line and let your guests enjoy their meal at their own pace.
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BBQ's & Cooking Equipment

Unleash your culinary creativity with our versatile BBQ’s & Cooking Equipment. RSVP Party Rentals has all you need to grill, bake, fry, or simmer your way to an unforgettable feast. Whether you're cooking for a small gathering or a large crowd, our equipment will ensure your culinary masterpieces are a hit.
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Refrigeration / Warming / Food Prep

Maintaining the optimal temperature for your dishes is key to a successful event. RSVP Party Rentals' range of Refrigeration, Warming, and Food Prep equipment ensures your food remains fresh, safe, and ready to serve. Keep your event running smoothly and your guests satisfied with our superior selection.
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