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New Items

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Interested in the latest trends and fashion available in Las Vegas for your event? Look no further than our New Items that are on the cusp of fashion and function for all your event needs.
RSVP Party Rentals has the most sought after inventory of event furniture that can set your event apart anywhere in Las Vegas. Our inventory can accommodate any style of party event to create the right atmosphere for your guests and to create the most successful and entertaining event imaginable. From the essential full bars and back bars for serving alcohol and beverages, to lounge sofas, coffee and end tables, outdoor and poolside furniture, and stylish period inspired pieces, our furniture pieces can elevate your event from just tables and chairs to lounging spaces. Add dimension to your party by including some stylish Furniture and Bars today!
Discover a vast selection of chair rentals at RSVP Party Rentals in Las Vegas. We understand the importance of finding the perfect seating solution for your event, whether it's an intimate bridal shower, a grand wedding, or a large corporate gathering. Our collection ranges from Bar Stools and Children's Chairs to elegant Chiavari Chairs, practical Folding Chairs, and distinctive Specialty Chairs. To enhance your decor, select models can be customized with a variety of seat cover cushions. Trust in RSVP Party Rentals to provide the seating that sets the right tone for your event.


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Discover the perfect foundation for your event setting with our extensive collection of table rentals at RSVP Party Rentals in Las Vegas. From basic folding tables ideal for banquets to rustic, non-folding wood dining tables, cocktail tables, children's tables, and our exclusive elegant dining tables, we have a style to suit any event. Transform your event space with our quality tables that cater to all needs and aesthetics.


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Choose from our vast collection of colors, fabrics and sizes to create the perfect event. Our rental tablecloths range is size from small 54" squares to 132" rounds and everything in between. Napkins are available in most fabrics. RSVP has the largest linen rental inventory in Las Vegas!


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Add a touch of elegance to your dining tables with our Charger rentals at RSVP Party Rentals in Las Vegas. Chargers, also known as service plates, underplates, or chop plates, are larger decorative plates used to dress up dinner tables at events, parties, and other celebrations. Available in a variety of designs, materials, and colors, our chargers can enhance your table settings and elevate your event's overall aesthetic. Make your table settings stand out with RSVP.


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Elevate your Las Vegas event to the next level with RSVP Party Rentals' unmatched Chinaware collection. Our broad array of chinaware styles, from the elegance of classic designs to unique and exceptional specialty pieces, ensures a perfect match for your event's theme. With an eye for quality and design, we have curated our Chinaware collection to offer more than just functionality – it's about creating unforgettable dining experiences.


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Discover RSVP Party Rentals' diverse collection of glassware designed to enhance any event. From everyday practicality to dazzling crystal selections, our assortment caters to all event styles and themes, ensuring that every toast is celebrated in style. Explore our collections and find the perfect complement to your table setting, be it a grand gala or an intimate gathering.


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Choose from our popular offerings in fine silverware for your event. Whether you are looking to rent knives and forks for a backyard party or thousands of pieces of flatware for a large catered event you can find it all right here.


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Explore our impressive Decor collection at RSVP Party Rentals, Las Vegas, where we combine style, functionality, and a touch of whimsy to transform your event space. From small accents to grand focal points, our range encompasses a multitude of aesthetics to perfectly align with your vision. Whether you're aiming for an understated elegance or a vibrant and energetic atmosphere, our selection offers limitless possibilities for your event design.


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Creating unforgettable moments is the heartbeat of every event, and at RSVP Party Rentals, we understand the power of details in achieving this. Our comprehensive collection of Serveware is meticulously curated to not only meet your catering needs but also add a touch of elegance and style to your event in Las Vegas. Whether you're hosting a grand gala, an intimate dinner, or a corporate function, our Serveware range is designed to create stunning visual displays, facilitate seamless service, and elevate the dining experience for your guests. Each piece in our collection is chosen with an eye for quality, versatility, and design, enabling you to truly...
No event in Las Vegas is complete without a memorable culinary experience. At RSVP Party Rentals, our collection of Food Equipment has everything you need to create, display, and serve your menu with ease and sophistication. Whether you're planning a gourmet banquet or a casual BBQ, our high-quality equipment ensures your food service goes off without a hitch. Make your event a feast for the senses with our versatile Food Equipment range.
Transform any space into a memorable event with our diverse range of Event Equipment rentals at RSVP Party Rentals in Las Vegas. We offer a vast selection of equipment, including elegant Lighting options, versatile Heating/Cooling/Power solutions, efficient Sanitation/Pails/Tubs, customizable Pipe & Drape setups, and state-of-the-art Audio Visual gear. Whatever the size or type of your event, we have everything you need to ensure it runs smoothly and leaves a lasting impression. Trust RSVP Party Rentals to provide all your event equipment needs.
Create the perfect setting for your event with our selection of Dance Floor, Stage, Bleachers, and Carpet rentals at RSVP Party Rentals in Las Vegas. From durable interlocking dance floors and versatile outdoor flooring options to modular stages and comfortable bleachers, we offer everything you need to design your event space exactly how you envision. Our offerings also include a variety of stage accessories and carpeting in multiple colors for that extra touch of elegance and personalization. Trust RSVP Party Rentals to provide high-quality dance floor and stage solutions for your event.
Why not rent a Ping Pong Table, Pool Table or a Double Shot Basketball game for your wedding reception or party? Karaoke Machines are always popular too!
RSVP Party Rentals has the best inventory of rental tents in Las Vegas. Transform your outdoor event into an unforgettable experience with RSVP Party Rentals, your trusted source for Tents & Canopies in Las Vegas. We take pride in our comprehensive inventory of high-quality tents, available in a variety of configurations to suit events of all sizes. From compact 10' x 10' spaces to expansive setups covering thousands of square feet, our team of experienced planners can help you design a tent layout that optimizes usable space, adheres to your budget, and enhances your guests' experience. Whether you're envisioning a fully enclosed white tent for a...