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Discover RSVP Party Rentals’ diverse collection of glassware designed to enhance any event. From everyday practicality to dazzling crystal selections, our assortment caters to all event styles and themes, ensuring that every toast is celebrated in style. Explore our collections and find the perfect complement to your table setting, be it a grand gala or an intimate gathering.

All Purpose Glassware

A broad assortment that covers all your glassware needs, our All Purpose collection is versatile, practical, and stylish, offering an array of choices to suit any event theme or decor.
( 23 )

Stemless Collection

With a modern appeal and easy-to-handle design, our Stemless Collection is ideal for events that call for a contemporary twist. It's chic, it's practical, and it's a perfect conversation starter.
( 7 )

Classico Crystal Collection

Immerse in the elegance of our Classico Crystal Collection, a traditional yet timeless assortment that adds a touch of sophistication to your table settings.
( 4 )

Cut Crystal Collection

Our Cut Crystal Collection marries intricate design and superior quality, perfect for those who appreciate the finer details that create an extraordinary event.
( 9 )

Schott Zweisel "Pure" Collection

The Schott Zweisel “Pure” Collection is an embodiment of simplicity meeting elegance. Their refined designs complement any decor, making them a popular choice for any occasion.
( 6 )

Gold Rimmed

Introduce a dash of opulence to your tablescape with our Gold Rimmed collection. This range showcases glasses elegantly accented with gold rims, making them perfect for any grand affair.
( 20 )

Colored & Textured Glass Collection

Infuse your event with personality and flair with our Colored & Textured Glass Collection. This assortment offers a diverse range of goblets and eclectic bar glasses, setting the stage for a memorable celebration.
( 14 )


Perfect for serving a variety of beverages, from rich desserts to spiced cocktails, our Mugs collection adds a cozy and versatile element to your event's drink service.
( 3 )


Complete your event with a sweet note with our Dessert glassware collection, thoughtfully designed for showcasing delightful dessert servings.
( 3 )