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White Cabana

White Cabana

Transform your venue with the “Cabana – White”, a pinnacle of sophisticated design and effortless charm.

This ethereal white cabana promises to elevate your event with its pristine lines and the option to infuse your personal style through fabric and lighting choices, available separately. Envision the cabana draped in sheer voiles or accented with vibrant florals to complement your theme, and imagine the ambiance as you hang a classic chandelier or string our bistro lights to twinkle above as the sun sets. The Cabana – White is not just a structure; it’s a canvas awaiting your creative touch, perfect for weddings, garden parties, or chic corporate events where first impressions are everything. Make your event unforgettable by creating intimate spaces that are as functional as they are beautiful, encouraging conversation and admiration in equal measure.


Product Specifications

10'x10' No Drape, 10'x10' w/ White Voile Luxury Draping, 10'x12' No Drape, 10'x12' w/ White Voile Luxury Draping, 8'x10' No Drape, 8'x10' w/ White Voile Luxury Draping, 8'x8' No Drape, 8'x8' w/ White Voile Luxury Draping