Vibing Luscious Greens

We love seeing designers take our products and to New Heights with their Creative Vision. This is exactly what we felt when we saw this Scheme Events designed Party!

The Hunter Velvet Tablecloths paired with the Ocean Velvet Napkins – Totally Work. Add in the Rattan Chargers, and surround the tables with some of the Coolest Chairs in Town, and you have an Unforgettable Look!

Featured Products

Chestnut Rattan Charger
Chestnut Rattan Charger$2.25
Classico Crystal -  White 13.7 oz
Classico Crystal - White 13.7 oz$1.10
Hunter Velvet
Hunter Velvet$1.75$64.75
Ocean Velvet
Ocean Velvet$1.75$47.50
Rustic Copper
Rustic Copper$0.55
Wishbone Chair
Wishbone Chair$14.75