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The Ultimate Black and Gold

Who wouldn’t want to get all dressed up and attend THIS Event? One of those Opulent Evenings that makes every Guest feel Special. Our friends at Jennifer Mary Events walked into a gorgeous room and took it to the next level. Extra-large Rectangular Tables, flowing in Black Velvet artfully mingled with Rounds – all surrounding a Shiny White Dance Floor. We love the pairing of the Black + Gold Flatware, Antique Mosaico Chargers, Gold Rimmed Flutes and Cut Glass Goblets. Black Satin Napkins complete the luxurious look and feel.

Featured Products

Antique Gold Somerset
Antique Gold Somerset$0.90$25.75
Antique Mosaico Charger
Antique Mosaico Charger$4.75
Ava Chair - Black + Gold
Ava Chair - Black + Gold$17.50
Ava Chair - Blush + Gold
Ava Chair - Blush + Gold$17.50
Ava Chair - White + Gold
Ava Chair - White + Gold$17.50
Bella Chair - Black + Gold
Bella Chair - Black + Gold$17.50
Black Somerset
Black Somerset$0.90$25.75
Black Velvet
Black Velvet$1.75$64.75
Burgundy Somerset
Burgundy Somerset$0.90$25.75
Capri Beaded
Capri Beaded$0.95$4.75
Carousel Goblet - Clear 12 oz
Carousel Goblet - Clear 12 oz$1.25
Celadon Somerset
Celadon Somerset$0.90$32.00
Clam Chair - White + Gold
Clam Chair - White + Gold$16.00
Dance Floor - White
Dance Floor - White$160.00$4,000.00
Harlow Coupe White + Gold
Harlow Coupe White + Gold

Out of stock

Harlow Coupe White + Platinum
Harlow Coupe White + Platinum$0.95$4.75
Heirloom Charcoal
Heirloom Charcoal$0.95$4.75
Juliet Goblet - Blush 11 oz
Juliet Goblet - Blush 11 oz$1.25
Lilac Somerset
Lilac Somerset$0.90$25.75
Rose Somerset
Rose Somerset$0.90$25.75
Velo Black + Gold
Velo Black + Gold$1.45