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The French Collection

We love how Tara Marie Events created this Lovely and Inviting Space for Guests to enjoy. Equally appropriate on a beautiful lawn or interior space, this grouping of French Inspired Furniture is sure to please. One of our Creamy Brocade Pillows completes her design.

Featured Products

Cosette Bench
Cosette Bench$155.00
Cosette Coffee Table
Cosette Coffee Table$95.00
Cosette Side Chair
Cosette Side Chair$255.00
Cosette Sofa
Cosette Sofa$465.00
Cowhide Pillow - 20"x20"
Cowhide Pillow - 20"x20"$18.00
Creamy Brocade Pillow - 20"x20"
Creamy Brocade Pillow - 20"x20"$18.00