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Napa Chic

Tables, Linens, and Chairs are among the mediums an Event Planner can use to create a Beautiful Room. Melina from Starry Eyed Events skillfully mixed our Napa Dining Tables with 5′ Rounds draped in Cashmere Velvet, she then pulled it all together with our timeless Weathered Oak Cross Back Chairs. We love the use of the Charcoal Heirloom plates and the Ivory Somerset Napkins. The Napa tables were embellished with flowing White Voile Runners that generously puddled on the floor.

Featured Products

Bentwood Chair – Black
Bentwood Chair – Black$8.75$11.75
Bentwood Chair – Natural
Bentwood Chair – Natural$8.75$11.75
Capri Brushed Copper
Capri Brushed Copper$0.95
Cashmere Velvet
Cashmere Velvet$1.75$64.75
Classico Crystal - Goblet 15.2 oz
Classico Crystal - Goblet 15.2 oz$1.10
Cross Back Chair – Weathered Oak
Cross Back Chair – Weathered Oak$8.75$10.75
Heirloom Charcoal
Heirloom Charcoal$0.95$4.75
Heirloom Espresso
Heirloom Espresso$0.95$4.75
Ivory Somerset
Ivory Somerset$0.90$25.75
Magenta Velvet
Magenta Velvet$47.50
Napa Dining Table
Napa Dining Table$59.00
White Voile Runner
White Voile Runner$15.75