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Boho Rhapsody

This – Our all-time favorite Boho Inspired event – was created by the team at I Do Details. Our “Boho Height” Farm Wood tables were nestled underneath Farm Wood Cabanas. Overhead light was provided by our Jute Pendants and Empire Beaded Chandeliers. An assortment of Plush Velvet and Macrame Pillows were arranged atop soft Floral Rugs. The Sienna Lace Plates paired with Brushed Gold Flatware and Cut Crystal Stemware completed the look.

Featured Products

Antique Gold Candlesticks
Antique Gold Candlesticks$3.00
Arezzo Brushed Gold
Arezzo Brushed Gold$0.95
Blush Blossom Rug - 7' x 10'
Blush Blossom Rug - 7' x 10'$85.00
Blush Velvet Pillow - 20"x20"
Blush Velvet Pillow - 20"x20"$12.00
Carousel Goblet - Clear 12 oz
Carousel Goblet - Clear 12 oz$1.25
Cristallo - Red 9.25 oz
Cristallo - Red 9.25 oz$1.50
RSVP Party Rentals Outdoor Wedding Table Inspiration
Farm Wood Cabana$220.00$410.00
Farm Wood Dining Table - Boho Height
Farm Wood Dining Table - Boho Height$59.00
Hunter Velvet Pillow - 20"x20"
Hunter Velvet Pillow - 20"x20"$12.00
Juliet Goblet - Blush 11 oz
Juliet Goblet - Blush 11 oz$1.25
Laguna Coupe Cotton
Laguna Coupe Cotton$0.95
Laguna Coupe Redwood
Laguna Coupe Redwood$0.95
Laguna Coupe Verdi
Laguna Coupe Verdi$0.95$1.95
Light Pink Velvet
Light Pink Velvet$1.75$64.75
Light Pink Velvet Pillow - 20"x20"
Light Pink Velvet Pillow - 20"x20"$12.00
Macrame Fringe Pillow -  16"x16"
Macrame Fringe Pillow - 16"x16"$18.00
Macrame Runner
Macrame Runner$30.00
Moroccan Lamp Pendant, 14"
Moroccan Lamp Pendant, 14"$35.00
Moroccan Lamp Pendant, 17"
Moroccan Lamp Pendant, 17"$55.00
Moroccan Lamp Pendant, 18"
Moroccan Lamp Pendant, 18"$55.00
Moroccan Lamp Pendant, 26"
Moroccan Lamp Pendant, 26"$155.00
Rose Velvet Pillow - 20"x20"
Rose Velvet Pillow - 20"x20"$12.00
Round Flower Petal Jute Rug - 6.5'
Round Flower Petal Jute Rug - 6.5'$85.00
Sienna Lace
Sienna Lace$0.85$5.75
Sienna Lace Charger
Sienna Lace Charger$5.75
Spice Velvet Pillow - 20"x20"
Spice Velvet Pillow - 20"x20"$12.00
Teardrop Seagrass Pendant
Teardrop Seagrass Pendant$55.00
Twisted Jute "Venti" Pendant
Twisted Jute "Venti" Pendant$74.00
Vienna - Flute 7 oz
Vienna - Flute 7 oz$1.50
Vienna - Highball 15 oz
Vienna - Highball 15 oz$1.50
Vienna - Red 10 oz
Vienna - Red 10 oz$1.50
Vienna - Rocks 12.5 oz
Vienna - Rocks 12.5 oz$1.50
Vienna - White 7.75 oz
Vienna - White 7.75 oz$1.50
White Beaded Empire Chandelier
White Beaded Empire Chandelier$58.00
White Fur Pillow - 18"x18"
White Fur Pillow - 18"x18"$12.00
Woven Bamboo Pendant
Woven Bamboo Pendant$55.00