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Elevate Your Dining Experience with the Timeless Tiburon Flatware Collection

Introducing the Tiburon flatware collection from RSVP Party Rentals, a stunning and versatile set designed to add a touch of elegance to any dining occasion. Crafted with a perfect blend of contemporary style and classic charm, this flatware set is sure to become a centerpiece of your event.

Meticulously crafted from high-quality stainless steel and accented with warm, richly-grained teak wood handles, the Tiburon flatware pieces exude a sophisticated and inviting appeal. The collection includes a full range of essential utensils, including:

  • Dinner Fork (8.75″): A substantial yet graceful fork, perfect for main courses and salads.
  • Dessert Fork (6.5″): A delicate and refined fork, ideal for indulging in sweet treats.
  • Dinner Knife (8.5″): A versatile and sharp knife, designed for effortless cutting through meats and vegetables.
  • Soup Spoon (8″): A deep and well-balanced spoon, perfect for savoring hearty soups and stews.
  • Teaspoon (6.25″): A petite and elegant spoon, ideal for sipping coffee or tea or enjoying delicate desserts.

Whether hosting an intimate dinner party, a lavish wedding reception, or a corporate event, the Tiburon flatware collection from RSVP Party Rentals promises to elevate the dining experience. Its timeless beauty and durability ensure that it will be a cherished addition to any table setting, creating a lasting impression on your guests.

Embrace the art of fine dining and enhance your event’s ambiance with the Tiburon flatware collection. Explore RSVP Party Rentals’ extensive online catalog and let their expert team assist you in curating the perfect event experience.


Tiburon - Dessert Fork$1.25
Tiburon - Dinner Knife$1.25
Tiburon - Soup Spoon$1.25
Tiburon - Teaspoon$1.25
Tiburon - Dinner Fork$1.25
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Product Specifications

Dessert Fork, Dinner Fork, Dinner Knife, Soup Spoon, Teaspoon