Seafoam Poplin

Seafoam Poplin

Our Seafoam Poplin fabric is similar to other green shades that connect with ecology and nature, However, the pale hue brings sentiments of youth and innocence, freshness and renewal.

Polyester Poplin is a light-weight, plain-weave fabric. Coarse cross-grain and finer straight grain threads give the fabric its ribbed effect resulting in a strong fabric with a crisp, silky smooth feel. Ideal for the hospitality industry, weddings, party events, trade show attendees, for displays, showrooms, and private events. Its silky sheen and durable, wrinkle resistant nature make it a perfect material for any event.

Seafoam Poplin is available in a wide variety of sizes for use as tablecloths, napkins, and as a chair tie accent.


Seafoam Poplin - Square, Napkin, 20"$0.60
Seafoam Poplin - Round, Tablecloth, 132"$17.25
Seafoam Poplin - Round, Tablecloth, 120"$15.00
Seafoam Poplin - Round, Tablecloth, 108"$11.75
Seafoam Poplin - Round, Tablecloth, 90"$9.75
Seafoam Poplin - Rectangle, Sash, 7" x 108"$1.75
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