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Raffle Drums

Raffle Drums

The Raffle Drums from RSVP Party Rentals are a fantastic addition to any event, adding excitement and engagement for your guests. These raffle drums are perfect for prize drawings, fundraising events, and other occasions where you want to create a fun and interactive experience.

Available in two sizes, these drums are made from durable materials with a polished finish, ensuring they not only look great but also stand up to frequent use. The perforated design allows for easy mixing of tickets, ensuring a fair and random draw every time. The drums are equipped with a smooth-turning handle, making it easy to rotate the drum and mix the entries thoroughly.

The large raffle drum measures 14″ in diameter and 20″ wide, making it suitable for larger events with a high volume of entries. The small raffle drum measures 8″ in diameter and 11″ wide, perfect for smaller gatherings or events with fewer entries.

These raffle drums are a great way to add a professional touch to your event, ensuring that your prize drawings are conducted smoothly and fairly. They are ideal for corporate events, charity fundraisers, school functions, and parties.


Large: 14″ Diameter X 20″ Wide
Small: 8″ Diameter X 11″ Wide


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