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Port-A-Cool Evaporative Cooler

Port-A-Cool Evaporative Cooler

When it comes to keeping your guests comfortable in the Nevada heat, the Port-A-Cool is the ideal solution. This 36” variable speed cooler offers an impressive air delivery of up to 10,100 CFM and a cooling capacity of 2,650 sq. ft., making it perfect for large outdoor events or enclosed spaces alike.

With a generous water reservoir capacity of 32 gallons, it provides long-lasting cooling without the need for frequent refills. Despite its power and efficiency, the unit is designed for practicality, weighing in at 200 lbs and featuring dimensions of 67″ High x 62″ Wide x 32″ Deep. It’s the perfect blend of power, performance, and practicality.

Dimensions: 67″ High x 62″ Wide x 32″ Deep
Operating Instructions