Neon Pink Poplin

Neon Pink Poplin

The Neon Pink Poplin fabric hue is packed with energy and doesn’t go unnoticed. It is provocative and bold, always making a youthful, vibrant, and electric statement.

Polyester Poplin is a light-weight, plain-weave fabric. Coarse cross-grain and finer straight grain threads give the fabric its ribbed effect resulting in a strong fabric with a crisp, silky smooth feel. Ideal for the hospitality industry, weddings, party events, trade show attendees, for displays, showrooms, and private events. Its silky sheen and durable, wrinkle resistant nature make it a perfect material for any event.

Neon Pink Poplin is available in a wide variety of sizes for use as tablecloths and napkins.


Neon Pink Poplin - Rectangle, Tablecloth, 90" x 156"$14.25
Neon Pink Poplin - Square, Napkin, 20"$0.60
Neon Pink Poplin - Round, Tablecloth, 90"$9.75
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