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Light Pink Shantung

Light Pink Shantung

With its classic, elegant and gracious look, the Light Pink Shantung collection of linen is elegant with a satin soft feel and finish. A 100% polyester fabric, Shantung is a heavy weight fabric that hangs and pools well. The natural satin sheen grabs the attention of all your guests and the brilliant colors available can add a very distinct contrast and pop to your event.

The Light Pink Shantung is available as Sash, Napkin, and Tablecloth.


Light Pink Shantung - Tablecloth, Rectangle, 90" x 156"$22.75
Light Pink Shantung - Tablecloth, Rectangle, 108" x 156"$32.00
Light Pink Shantung - Napkin, Square, 20"$0.90
Light Pink Shantung - Tablecloth, Round, 132"$25.75
Light Pink Shantung - Sash, Rectangle, 7" x 108"$1.75
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