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Lavender Velvet

Lavender Velvet

Our Lavender Velvet collection of linen is elegant and incredibly soft with a textured feel and a sheen finish. Velvet is a rich material that evokes 1920’s Hollywood glamor or graceful opulence.

This dynamic material can pair equally well with natural wood tables for a rustic feel or paired with crystal, acrylics, and gold accessories for more regal occasions. Adding a velvet table runner or table overlay can highlight a centerpiece, add a textural splash of color, or create a dramatic style for both simple and splendorous settings.

The Lavender Velvet linen is available in tablecloths.


Lavender Velvet - Round, Tablecloth, 132"$47.50
Lavender Velvet - Round, Tablecloth, 120"$40.50
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