Tents - Structure - White (QUOTE)

Tents - Structure - White (QUOTE)

Our Structure tents are among the most heavy duty and stable tents available anywhere. These tents can safely remain up for months at at time.

Choose from a 6 Meter or 9 Meter Width

1 Meter = approx. 3′-3″

Tent permits are required at an extra cost – we will handle all of the paperwork on our end.

Select a size and we will get back to you with detailed pricing.


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Product Specifications
Tent Sizes

6M X 12M, 6M X 15M, 6M X 18M, 6M X 21M, 6M X 24M, 6M X 27M, 6M X 30M, 6M X 6M, 6M X 9M, 9M X 12M, 9M X 15M, 9M X 18M, 9M X 21M, 9M X 24M, 9M X 27M, 9M X 30M, 9M X 9M